Suzie Hatton has been
singing since the tender age
of two.  At the age of seven,
she experienced the
empowering vocal sounds of
Pat Benatar belting out
Invincible over local network
television.  From that
moment, Suzie wanted to
express her own vocal
capabilites, and looked up to
the raw powerful vocal range
of Benatar to help her gain
the confidence to know that
she herself could project and
show the same range of Pat
Ultimate Benatar is excited to
bring all of your favorite
Benatar songs to life.  See
Suzie Hatton and her band
perform the songs and put on
an electrifying show that will
make you feel as though you
just stepped into the 1980's  
Rock out to all of your favorite
Benatar tunes, as well as some
classic female favorites such
as Joan Jett, Blondie, Heart,
and many more!  See you at the
Ultimate Benatar
upcoming shows
Memory Lane Music Hall
Wally's Pub
Ultimate Benatar

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